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Blogs from April, 2019

Signing Papers

There are strict rules governing lawyers’ professional responsibility to be ethical. The very first rule is that a lawyer has the duty to be competent in his representation of a client and to maintain competence by keeping up-to-date with any changes in the practice of law. In 2012, the American Bar Association updated that rule’s explanation to specifically include a charge for lawyers keep up-to-date with changes in technology. Texas agreed.

One of the many important ways that a lawyer is required to competently represent her client is to ensure that her client’s information is kept confidential. The American Bar Association has tasked lawyers with ensuring that reasonable measures are taken to protect client confidentiality in electronic communications.

It’s up to each state to decide what exact requirements it will demand from its lawyers. As of the writing of this blog, Texas hasn’t been very specific on exactly what kind of information security requirements lawyers should adhere to, but Crain & Wooley are ahead of the game.

Here at Crain & Wooley, the protection of your confidential documents is very important. Therefore, we have recently implemented the use a secure, digital “locker” named SmartVault to share electronic files with clients. The digital locker is compliant with the security requirements of the SEC, FINRA, GLBA and more!

We would love to work securely with you in creating a custom estate plan that is designed especially for you and your family’s special needs. Schedule a consultation with us so we can get started.

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