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Crain & Wooley knows that you have worked hard your whole life to provide for your family. That is why we are dedicated to providing clients with the comprehensive legal services and reliable legal representation they need to make sure their assets are passed on to their loved ones when they pass away.

Our team of dedicated legal professionals can help you prepare for life’s eventualities and other situations that might take your loved ones by surprise by drafting an effective will. With our firm’s legal guidance and assistance, you and your loved ones can feel secure in the future knowing your important affairs will be properly handled when you pass away.

Our compassionate lawyers know how important it is to proactively plan for the future, so please call (972) 560-6288 today so we can discuss everything that needs to be included
in your will.

What is a Will?

A last will and testament is probably the most common form of estate planning. A last will and testament is typically a type-written document that is signed in front of a Notary Public. Your will states your wishes regarding disbursement of assets and allows you to:

  • Designate who receives your assets
  • Designate who will oversee your estate (Executor)
  • Provide for certain life scenarios, like a child preceding you in death
  • Ensure the court has a record of your last wishes

A last will and testament serves to establish basic guidelines for asset distribution. To execute a last will and testament, your Executor must complete the probate process. In the DFW metroplex, the average probate case takes about 6 months to complete and costs about $10,000 in court, attorney, accounting, and appraisal fees.

If you pass away without a valid will, you risk your estate being contested by other parties. If this occurs, your intended beneficiaries will have to go to court to fight for the assets and property that they are entitled to. The best way to avoid unintended consequences with important estate matters is to hire an experienced lawyer to draft your last will and testament.

Are you having difficulty talking to a loved one about the importance of drafting a will and handling other important estate planning affairs? Then please click here to find out the best way to approach these topics with respect and sensitivity.

When Should I Write My Will?

Creating a will should be proactive not reactive. You should get started on writing your will if you are married, have kids or have a positive net worth.

Steps for Writing a Will

  1. Decide which type of will you need
  2. Decide what assets you want to include in your will
  3. Make a decision on who will receive your assets
  4. Choose who your executor will be
  5. If you have minor age children, decide who their guardian will be
  6. This is optional but you can choose a charity to be a beneficiary in your will
  7. Sign your will in front of a witness
  8. Keep in stored in a safe place
  9. Make any changes when big life updates happen

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At Crain & Wooley, we understand that you want to feel confident knowing your valuable assets and property will be passed on to your loved ones, which is why we are here to help you draft a will that is tailored to your unique estate planning goals.

If you have additional questions regarding drafting a will, then please get in touch with an estate planning attorney at our firm so you can meet our friendly team. When you choose our law firm, we will take the time to get to know you and become familiar with the specific details of your circumstances so that we can devise a customized legal strategy.

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