• A Group Of Fantastic Attorneys.

    I asked my friend, Karen if she had an attorney that did wills. She became excited and told me about a group of fantastic attorneys who took care of me. I called Crain & Wooley, spoke to a lovely, sweet, welcoming, young lady, Jessica, who gave me an appointment the following Monday.

    I was helped by Thomas Hendrix, a knowledgeable attorney, with a delightful personality. My final meeting was with a notary and two witnesses. This has been a great experience for me. I definitely recommend them.

    Laura Dixon

    - L. Dixon

    Garland, TX
  • Pleasant And Professional.

    Our recent experience with Crain & Wooley was a pleasant and professional one. The staff was very helpful and friendly.

    The attorneys we were working with took the time to explain everything. Although some things were a bit confusing and a little overwhelming, I’m sure any further questions we have they will be willing to answer them.

    - N. Mazza

    McKinney, TX
  • Handled in the most professional manner.

    From my first call to the final actions, the preparation of my family living trust was handled in the most professional manner. During the signing procedure, conducted by Mr. Rogers, things were explained in a manner that I could understand. I was provided with the recorded deed to our property.

    I especially want to think Mr. Steve Crosby for helping me with a difficult part of the procedure that involved my wife.

    - C. Merkel

    Plano, TX
  • Fortunate to have found Crain & Wooley.
    I count myself fortunate to have found the Crain & Wooley firm of attorneys to assist me with the probate process and to establish a new Will & Trust for me. The office was welcoming and friendly. Attorney Shelly Joyner made the process streamlined and simple. I received excellent communication from the support staff, and Shelly was able to explain the process and answer all questions. I can highly recommend their services.

    - C. Bhattacharya

    Fairview, TX
  • Greatly appreciated the legal services of Attorney Justin Crain.

    My wife and I greatly appreciated the legal services received from Attorney Justin Crain of Crain & Wooley and their associates in advising us in re-drafting our California Living Trust and related documents to comply with Texas law. As a retired attorney, I appreciate the time and professionalism extended to my wife & myself in accounting for our wishes upon death, disability, and medical care and legally protecting our assets and personal well-being. We became acquainted with Justin Crain, Esq., during a free seminar in which he discussed the benefits of wills, trusts, and testamentary documents, and we would suggest that, if the opportunity arises, his seminar would be very beneficial to those concerned with these issues.

    - A. and K. Logan

    Frisco, TX
  • Highly recommend their counsel.

    We met with Justin, who began the roadmap for us and within a few weeks, we were reviewing documents and interacting with his staff on questions etc. Shelly Joyner was assigned as our legal partner through the process, and I found her to be very professional and down to earth, making a legal maze very uncomplicated while communicating in “layman terms”. We now have compiled a thorough binder of documents to hand to our children, complete with all transaction details outlining our goals through the Living Trust, from recorded assets to powers of Attorney to our Last Will. A very affordable and welcomed professional partner to help chart your course for estate planning. Highly recommend their counsel.

    - K & V Wages

    Plano, TX
  • Would recommend your firm.

    Loved working with Shelly. So knowledgeable and thorough. Taught us a lot we didn’t know. Patient. Did not rush us through. All employees we came in touch with were very cordial. Attention to detail was great. Would recommend your firm.

    Met Shelly at Del Webb seminar. We were so impressed with her. It is Del Web trinity falls. Hope she returns.

    - K & P Stachowiak

    McKinney, TX
  • Crain & Wooley was there to guide us.

    Crain & Wooley was there to guide us and show us the way. We finally have a family trust with the bulk of our major holdings in it.

    Dealing with Crain & Wooley made the process happen. Many folks can set up a trust, but funding it is a different situation. Never were we lost, confused or unsure of what to do. Their written instructions led the way for us. When the situation became a little difficult, we talked with them, and they told us or showed us alternatives to consider.

    We highly recommend Crain & Wooley.

    - A & P Jandura

    Plano, TX
  • Shelly is fabulous to work with.

    Shelly is fabulous to work with. She is professional, knowledgeable, and organized. Kudos to Shelly!

    - S. & E. Green

    Richardson, TX
  • A weight off my shoulders.

    Thank you for the support, insight and guidance you provided to me and my family, Mr. Wooley. You really made the weight fall off my shoulders. Jennifer, your customer service is what’s missing in the world today. You are the best!

    Thank you, you guys are the absolute best!

    - T. Gatewood

    Garland, TX
  • Professional help at its best.

    This was a great experience. Professional help at its best. Your office was very helpful and ready to answer all questions. Everything was answered easily for us to understand. We were at ease at all times. 

    Thank you

    - C. Silva

    Rockwall, TX
  • Easy, efficient, and well explained.

    Crain and Wooley prepared our Living Trust, Will and asset transfers to that Trust. The process was easy, efficient, and well explained. We recommend Justin and his team for others who are seeking counsel for their end-of-life planning.

    - D & R Williams

    Frisco, TX
  • Helped us take the steps necessary to protect our assets.

    Crain Wooley’s law firm helped us take the steps necessary to actively protect our estate while we’re alive. They helped us update and establish our wills, trusts, deeds, healthcare directive, and our powers of attorney documents that we would need in case one of us passes away. I’m so grateful we finally got this done. Although we had a will, we needed something much more than just the wills. We needed documents I never would have thought about that would keep our property out of the probate courts. So, if you’re reading this, I highly recommend you help your kids out and get your affairs in order its so worth it. You’ll be glad you did.

    - R. & J. Garrett

    Forney, TX
  • Amazing from the beginning.
    We needed asset protection for my parents and he listened to our needs and concerns and provided guidance and a solution. During the execution of the documents, the staff was patient, explained everything, so my elderly parents could understand and allowed them to ask any and all questions.

    - D. Garcia

    Plano, TX
  • Professional and accommodating.
    Justin and the others were very easy to work with, professional, and accommodating to our needs.

    - W. Scarborough

  • The staff is friendly and easy to work with.

    It started with a free webinar postcard we received in the mail. We had been procrastinating in getting a living trust created, so we attended the free webinar and we were so happy with the information Justin talked about, we signed up for his services that night. After meeting with him in his office, to go over what was best for us in our living trust & deed, it didn’t take long at all to sign complete our paperwork. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

    - L. Barry

    Plano, TX
  • Informative and compelling.
    My wife and I attended an estate planning presentation last fall hosted by Justin Crain and Joy Crosby. We found the presentation informative, which compelled us to take action with Crain & Wooley. The legal implications of estate planning and the terminology used were explained in non-lawyer terms, which helped make our decisions on the spot.

    - S. and P. Dresser

    Lucas, TX
  • Efficient and effective.

    Every Texan needs to understand the importance of doing estate planning via a living trust. Crain & Wooley specializes in this and has assembled a team that can efficiently and effectively get the job done. 

    - L. Mes

    Mesquite, TX
  • We highly recommend Justin Crain & his team!

    We first met Justin Crain during one of his free educational estate planning seminars. He presented the material for estate planning in a thorough yet easy to understand process. We signed up immediately after the seminar. At our initial sit-down meeting with Justin, he was so helpful in just listening to our situation first and foremost. He was so incredibly patient and helpful in revieing what we wanted and providing information when we were not sure about what we wanted.

    The entire process can be stressful but with the help of Justin and team, we are so happy to have chosen them for our estate planning needs. We highly recommend Justin Crain and his team!

    - M & A McDaniel

    Allen, TX
  • We are very happy.
    The process was simple and clear from the first outreach on the website to our signing meeting. We are very happy.

    - J. Pierce

    Plano, TX