Don’t Want To Leave Your Assets A Mess For Your Family?

Using An Estate Planning Service Can Save Them Thousands Of Dollars And Leave Your Mind At Ease

Listen, I understand that no one wants to think about what happens to their house or money after they die.

Because no one wants to dwell on dying!

I sure didn’t.

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I also thought that my finances were relatively “simple” compared to most…

And, until my unexpected week-long hospital stay, I was one of the 6 in 10 Americans that did not have a will or living trust in place. If you are also in that scary majority, this article could be the most important thing you read all year.

Hello there, my name is John and, don’t get me wrong, I’d started the process of putting a will together before.

I’d talked to close friends about their frustrating and expensive experiences with lawyers…

I’d read dozens of horror stories online…

Stories of people who’d missed just one small line, lacked a notarization, or didn’t have correct witness information…

And the thousands of dollars it cost their families, not to mention the hours of time spent in court.

But I thought I had plenty of time.

Years ahead of me to figure out which of my children was going to get the house, where the remaining money would go, and how everything else would be divided up…

But after those few days laying in a hospital bed, I realized that time could be closer than I thought.

And while I trusted my family to make the right decisions for each other and not dissolve into fighting over what “little” I felt I had to leave…

I didn’t want to add to the strain and stress that I knew would already come when I eventually did pass on.

And who knew, without the right paperwork in place, what money, time, and energy it would take for them to get everything in order.

Everything Was Normal That Day…Until It Wasn’t

My daughter had brought my two grandsons over for dinner one night…

And I’m so glad she did, because I don’t want to think about what would’ve happened if they hadn’t been there.

We were all sitting and eating at the table, when suddenly, I couldn’t get my hand to lift the fork to my mouth…

I felt paralyzed for a moment, trapped in a body that wouldn’t do what I was asking it to…

We now know that I was having a stroke.

I won’t make you live through all the terrifying minutes that followed, but obviously, and luckily, my daughter somehow got me to the hospital in time…

And I’m expected to make an almost complete recovery.

I Had To Start Thinking Now About Things I’d Put Off For Later

Days spent talking to doctors forced me to realize that “future problems” might not be so far off, and I needed to make sure that I had everything in place to make things as simple as possible for my children…

And be positive that they would have the legal support they needed when I was gone.

When I returned home from the hospital, I was determined to get started immediately…

My daughter had already spent hours searching through DIY Will systems, checklists of things to get done, and reading forums full of Estate Planning horror stories.

If you have thought about starting your Will, tried to create a system for the important paperwork needed, or even searched to figure out one small step in the right direction…and gave up?

I 100% understand.

Not only was it incredibly overwhelming to scroll through “Medical What-Ifs” and “Here’s What Will Happen” and dozens of “Fill-In-The-Blank Forms…”

But I also had to spend all this time sitting there with my daughter, focusing not on the time we DID have together…

But the time that would go on after I was gone.

Are you one of the 60% of Americans who do not have a Will or Living Trust? DFW Area’s Lead Estate-Planning firm is now offering a FREE Webinar to answer your questions and get you on the right path. Click here to register today >>

There Was Too Much To Learn And Not Enough Time

Well, I guess I had the time, but with different laws in every state…

Wordy “witness” clauses and requirements…

And complicated terms that I just couldn’t make sense of…

I felt like I was constantly going in circles.

And I didn’t want to spend thousands just to get some questions answered!

That’s when a good friend of mine, Mike, shared his experience with “The Most Educated Estate Law Firm In Texas.” He told me how simple the whole process, from start to finish, had been.

He said, when working with Crain & Wooley, that their prices were fair and fixed…

So that there were no hidden fees or surprises…

And he felt very comfortable and at ease.

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