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Blogs from March, 2020

Estate Planning

Why is an estate planning firm discussing COVID-19? I mean give it a break already, right?

I have read many updates from the CDC, local and national agencies as well as medical professionals guiding us on how best to “flatten-the-curve” so that our medical infrastructure is not overwhelmed. One interview provided by an Emergency Department doctor mentioned very practical things like: washing hands, maintaining social distance, staying home, calling your doctor before heading to the emergency room and many other practical tips including the creation of a Medical Power of Attorney and Medical Directive. Why?

Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) and Medical Directive (aka Living Will) documents provide your family and loved ones with the appropriate legal authority to make medical decisions on your behalf should you need assistance. Our firm is not given to flights of fancy or panic, but we do strongly agree that having these documents in place is key to being prepared and avoiding panic.

We at Crain & Wooley believe in proactive planning so that emergency situations are not compounded by bureaucratic red tape. Through April 30, 2020, we will be providing VIRTUAL, expedited and 25% discounted service for anyone who needs a Medical Power of Attorney or Medical Directive as our way of supporting our neighbors and community through this time of crisis. 

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