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Tips and Tricks For Refinancing Your Home Titled In a Trust


Millions of homeowners across the country are refinancing to take advantage of the lowest mortgage interest rates in recent history. If you have a Revocable Living Trust, most likely your home is titled (or at least it should be titled) in the name of your trust. Here are some tips on how to successfully refinance your trust-titled home.

  1. Alert your provider that your home is titled in the name of your trust
  2. If your loan officer doesn’t know what a Revocable Living Trust is or how it works…find a new loan officer…seriously…find a new provider or loan officer who is more knowledgeable 
  3. Sign your deed documents as trustee of your trust
  4. Sign your mortgage / financial documents as yourself
  5. Last resort
    • Have the provider take your house out of your trust to complete the refinance
    • Execute refinancing documents
    • Have your provider place your home back into your trust at no extra charge
      • This means you will sign a new warranty deed to complete the refinance, AND then sign a second new warranty deed to place your home back into your trust.

Taking advantage of low-interest rates while ensuring your home remains titled in the name of your trust allows you to experience all the current financial benefits of refinancing along with future benefits of your Revocable Living Trust.


If you have created an LLC, be on the lookout to receive a rather official-looking letter from a non-governmental business, Texas Certificate Service, offering to send you a Certification of Fact for a fee. This is a scam. You will receive all needed documentation either directly from the Texas Secretary of State or your attorney. If you need to obtain a Certification of Fact, you can do so here.

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