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Be Better Than Larry


Unfortunately, people often surmise that Crain & Wooley staff exaggerate or, in the very least, stretch the truth regarding the current probate process, who must go through the probate process and how that process interacts with Last Wills and Testaments. Occasionally, a story hits the national news that drives home how important it is to plan for death IN ADVANCE and how important it is to work with a qualified estate planning professional to complete your will or trust.

Sadly, Larry King recently passed away and the wrap up of his estate is featured in national newspapers for all the wrong reasons. Larry King took it upon himself create a handwritten will that is now under contest. The only people who will get rich from this probate case will be the attorneys. 

A handwritten will is probably the worst idea that exists outside of doing nothing at all and leaving everything up to chance. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations that impact the validity of wills. Don’t try to outsmart the law by taking a short cut like a handwritten will. Short cuts only lead to long court cases. Working hand-in-hand with a highly regarding estate planning attorney is your best course of action in order to protect family peace and leave an intentional legacy – whether that legacy is five dollars or five million dollars. 

No matter how much you are worth or how little you have, if you have loved ones that you care about work with a professional estate planning attorney. In other words, be better than Larry. To stop procrastination and take the steps to protect your family and your legacy, make your complimentary consultation with one of our attorneys today. 

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