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How Do I Plan a Celebration Of Life

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Death avoidance permeates our culture. More than 50% of our neighbors don’t have an estate plan in place detailing distribution of assets let alone any written funeral and/or burial instructions. We, as a culture, hate to admit that we are getting older and do NOT want to talk about what to do when we pass away. This avoidance leaves a heavy burden on the shoulders of those who survive us. 

I have seen many grieving loved ones be overwhelmed with the practicalities of planning a memorial service or funeral. Part of Crain & Wooley’s comprehensive estate planning approach is to provide you with the tools needed to communicate very detailed instructions on how to celebrate your life. Leaving these guideposts allows your friends and family to share memories and comfort one another rather than bickering about where to hold the service and what flowers to purchase (if any!).

Because so few people leave instructions, there is a growing sector of the economy focusing on end-of-life events. The event planning industry is stepping in to fill the gap left by those who pass away without an estate plan in place. Learn from professional planners by reading Life lessons From an End-of-Life Event Planner.

Partnering with a skilled estate planning attorney allows you to not only craft a plan that distributes assets but shares your desires on how to be remembered. 

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