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The Increase in Cognitive Degeneration Diseases


The United States is seeing an increase in diseases affecting mental capacity (like Early Onset Dementia) occurring more frequently and at younger ages than was previously known in earlier decades. These diseases often impact an individual without anticipation or preparation and the symptoms experienced can drastically increase in severity over a short period of time. This causes numerous issues and hardships that affect both the individual and their loved ones.

Cognitive degeneration diseases have both medical and legal consequences. Regarding the legal issues, it is necessary to execute the proper documents to manage your affairs before you or your loved ones surpass the threshold of insufficient mental capacity to legally sign documents. Here at Crain & Wooley, we specialize in pre and post disability planning. 

We offer Medical and Financial Power of Attorney documents that appoint an Agent to make decisions for you if you lack the capacity to do so. Through the strategic use of both these documents, your agent can potentially qualify you for your state’s Medicaid program. At the very least, your Agent will have the full authority to make financial and medical decisions to assist you and your family in coping with the loss of mental capacity. These documents are considered necessary when preparing for disabilities.

Please, act and pre-plan. Schedule a free consult today to learn more.

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