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Crain & Wooley has the resources and knowledge of the law that you need on your side to properly plan for the unexpected. We are here to help you draft an effective estate plan that protects all of your hard-earned assets and property so that you and your loved ones feel secure knowing your important affairs will be properly handled when you pass away or if you become incapacitated. If you are ready to proactively plan for the future, get in touch with our legal team in Mansfield to determine which legal tools you need to include in your estate plan.

Draft Your Last Will & Testament Before It’s Too Late

You need to make sure you have a valid will that provides your loved ones and the probate court with specific instructions for how your assets should be distributed after you pass away. Your will isn’t legally binding until you die. Although the will explains who your assets should go to, it does not give your family and friends immediate power to distribute assets. The executor of your estate must complete the probate process before they can begin distributing the estate's assets.

Make Sure Your Estate is Ready for Probate

Your will is essentially a set of detailed instructions that must be proven in court during the probate process. The goal of the probate process is to prove that your will is valid and to ensure nefarious parties don’t serve in the role of executor. Reach out to our firm today to determine which legal tools you need to simplify the probate process for your loved ones and other beneficiaries.

We Help Clients Choose the Right Trusts for Their Estate Plans

People often think that trusts only benefit only the extremely wealthy. However, trusts are used by everyday people of all backgrounds to build and transfer funds and assets to future generations. There are multiple types of trusts, but three of the most common are revocable living trusts, irrevocable living trusts, and supplemental needs trusts. Call today to find out which type of trust you need to include in your estate plan.

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While any licensed attorney can write a will or trust for you, very few have dedicated themselves solely to the art and science of estate planning like the attorneys at Crain & Wooley. We assist clients with a wide range of estate planning matters, and we will gladly provide you with top-notch legal service that is supported by up-to-date, best practices.

If you would like to speak to our estate planning team in Mansfield, call us today at (972) 560-6288 to request a free case consultation.

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